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How to Elevate the Photo Booth Experience at Your Next Event

An event, such as a birthday or wedding, lasts only a few hours. But photos and other souvenirs from the event can last forever. For this reason, photo booths have become a staple on many occasions, not just weddings. Guests love them, even though they can use their smartphones to capture highlights from the event, because it is a fun way to capture those magical moments. 

Are you tired of the same old photo booth experience? We’ve got some ideas you can try to take your next event to the next level. 


Tips to Elevate Your Event’s Photo Booth Experience

Photo booth trends continue to evolve. Make sure you try out these ideas to make your photo booth more exciting for you and your guests.

1. Go Glam with Black and White Photos

Color is fun, primarily since many event themes are based around a particular color palette. However, you can up the glam factor in your event photo booth by opting for a black-and-white photo filter. 

Glam booths are making a huge revival this year, and it’s a hit among partygoers. The great thing about using a black-and-white filter in your photo booth is that it adds a glamorous yet classic spin to the photos. At the same time, the filter creates a smoothing effect to make the images more aesthetically appealing. 

glam factor in your event photo booth

2. Go Big on Props

Props make the photo booth experience more fun for everyone. So ensure you provide a good assortment of theme-relevant props at your booth. From silly masks to wigs and signs – you must provide enough selection for your guests to play with. 

When your guests see these props you’ve provided for them, it is sure to bring out their playfulness. When you reflect on these photos, you will share a good laugh with your friends and family. 

3. GIF Booth

A GIF booth is another fun and creative idea to try at your next event. It’s been growing in popularity recently, so you can try it to give your guests a unique souvenir of the event.

Instead of a traditional photo strip they will get from a photo booth, the pictures are assembled into a GIF. A GIF is a file format that means graphics interchange format. It can support static and animated images, which is a massive leap from the traditional static photos you get from a photo booth. Your guests will be excited to see their own pictures in GIF format, making it a unique souvenir.

4. Magic Mirror

Another fun idea you can try to elevate your event’s photo booth experience is using a magic mirror. It is unlike any mirror because as your guests post for photos, they can choose filters and emoticons, and add their own signature to every shot. The full-length mirror in front of them comes with a touchscreen interface. This interface enables your guests to explore the different filters and other settings. It’s their chance to be creative and reveal their artistic side by tweaking the filter settings. 

This interactive selfie mirror will have your guests lining up for their turn.

Interactive selfie mirror.

5. 360-Degree Slow Motion Video Booths

If you are serious about taking your photo booth to another level at your next event, a 360-degree slow-motion video booth is the answer. You’ve probably seen the magical 360-degree slow-motion videos of celebrities on the red carpet. This feature on the photo booth is the closest thing you can get to making your guests feel like a celebrity at your next event. 

Obviously, this is a photo booth, so you can still have the traditional photos for guests who want them. But since video is taking over the world – and social media – it’s best to incorporate the 360-degree slow-motion video into the experience. This trend is growing, making your event the most talked about party on social media and the internet. 

If you can find a photo booth company that offers them, grab the opportunity. If you need help, talk to your photo booth provider if they can offer this service. It’s not a make-or-break factor when choosing who to hire for your booth, but it can make your event stand out.

6. Build a Photo Wall

Gone are the days when photo booths at events would mean having your photos taken in an actual, enclosed booth. Instead, open-air booths are the go-to option at most events these days. It’s a great idea for guests to see how much fun the other guests are having at the booth. Plus, it allows you to build a custom photo wall.

The photo wall is a themed backdrop that you can style based on the event. That way, it will be easy for people to tell where the photos were taken from and during which event. It is a particularly excellent idea for weddings since the bride and groom can ask for copies of the guest photos for them to keep as wedding keepsakes. 

7. Neon Light Signs

If you want to make your photo booth chic and visually outstanding, neon light signs are the best way to go. In fact, you can incorporate neon light signs in your photo wall to make the photos more appealing. In addition, you can have the neon light signs customized to bear your event hashtag. Like photo booths, neon light signs are a staple for modern events.

Photo booths will continue to be a must-have in any parties this 2023. Talk to your chosen photo booth company about the services and add-ons they offer to elevate the photo booth experience for your guests. The small details that make your event unique are what your guests will remember most about your event. Plus, you will have unique souvenirs to keep as you relive this important day.

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